Judaism is the religion of the Jewish people, a Hebrew-speaking ethnic cohort. It is also a religion lending itself to both humanist and universalist appeal, which has produced across thousands of years adoption, adaptation, and buy-in by other people.

Generally missing from the conversation: Hillel the Elder and his role in producing a more accessible, legalist, and practical screed. Hillel has been reported as passing away in 10-CE.

The cultural uptake of Judaism and the expansion of distinct retelling, reinterpretation, and additions appear to have been abetted by two generals: Constantine and Muhammad. Each appears to have wanted the final word, and a portion of their followers the annihilation of the Jews, so that history could begin with themselves.

Well: no Moses — no Muhammad.

We’re not done as explorers in time brought closer together by the possession of some metaphysical themes held in common.

That noted, the Jews, well possessed of a distinct beliefs, a calendar, customs, language, rituals, and legal ideas, have had to eject or leave themselves quite a bit of lore across more than 5,000 years of coherent and cohesive existence. No majority will ever go back to animal sacrifice and the keeping of smoking altars, for example.

Let’s go forward with time, not backward.

The inspiration: a simple Venn diagram with “Judaism” circles to the left and within a larger circle to right, separate circles denoting “Judaism”, “Christianity”, and “Muhammad’s Sharia”, and then above those three the statement, “Shalom/Islam”.

Forget supremacism, especially Islamic supremacism, which has been proving itself deadly worldwide through its blood-drenched zealots.  And leave alone the Jews, but not consideration of Jewish thought that repeatedly bears the challenges and tests brought to it by the barbaric across time.

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