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This is just not a story about a hothead who had an argument with someone at work, steamed home to get his gun, came back, and shot the bastard with whom he’d been fighting. This is a story about a couple with a developed arsenal, pipe bombs, and bomb-making supplies. Add: her passport; his recent beard; foreign travel.

The White House has consistently refused being drawn into the position of the “crusader west”, and we as a nation, so I hope, have refused agitation from the Left / Far Left and the provocation of division such acts promote; however, people take steps that aggregate to alter the political landscape.

The Putiin-Khamenei assault on NATO involves — just my opinion — the encouragement of fascist nationalism (as has been seen in Hungary throughout Orban’s leadership and made more clear in relation to that state’s treatment of the Syrian refugees) in line with the feudal statement implicit in Russian, Syrian, and Iranian politics — “mafia states” each one. Few things promote a Far Right response quite like events associated with “Islamic Terrorism”. The “Feudalists” use someone else’s terrorist ambitions (model: “Assad AND The Terrorists”) to manipulate the political atmosphere in the states they have targeted.

One expects authorities to drag out the call on the deadly assault in San Bernardino, but BackChannels would be surprised if the tactical costuming, the SUV gunship, and the arsenal at home turned out to be hobby related. 🙂  Nonetheless, one expects and therefore leaves the involved governments to lead in criminal matters and any associated foreign affairs.

On BackChannels, mention of KGB-style political theater in “Assad vs The Terrorists” AKA “Assad OR The Terrorists” and now “Assad AND The Terrorists” has developed its own packet of online analysis, some on the blog, some elsewhere, e.g., Kyle Orton’s “How Assad Funds the Islamic State” appearing in The Syrian Intifada, November 29, 2015.

Regarding the phrase, ” . . . people take steps that aggregate to alter the political landscape,” BackChannels had in mind Florida Gun Supply’s refusal to sell arms to Muslim customers.

Political timbre:

Posted to YouTube 11/8/2015.


On Wikipedia: “List of Islamist Terrorist Attacks“; from the anti-Jihad “Religion of Peace” web site, “Islamic Terror Attacks on American Soil” (the chart already includes the shooting in San Bernardino).

What is the public supposed to think?

How is the public supposed to respond?

As noted in the excerpt From the Awesome Conversation, the national response to injury is to swell — as does the body with a wound — but with nationalist pride and determination.

Also taking place today: the outcome of the American Forum for Democracy’s Summit in Washington, D.C., press conference at the National Press Building, which started 30 minutes ago.

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