Axis Putin-Assad-Khamenei opposes European Union solidarity and NATO as part of the dreams of each are attached to the feudal / medieval world: to survive in power, each needs a heightened nationalism within as well as without, and “Islamic Jihad” and “Islamic Terrorism” serve that political vision.

Trump may be a powerful businessman but when it comes to post-KGB / KGB-style Political Theater, he’s an infant crawling up to the base of a volcano.

I know this forum has . . . but in the greater world surrounding that feud, states have an argument going about power itself and the medieval structure that encourages and supports “absolute power”, the power of a “great leader”, and the modern world that shifts the basis for that power to the private realm and for the public, most often through democracy, distributes political power into a more globally responsible and responsive system.

The medieval world and the “malignant narcissist” may have traveled together — there are certainly histories involving some misery-making kings — but here comes a station in time in which we don’t want to put that medievalism in front of us. While Trump has the urge to deal directly and firmly with what he knows of terrorism, he may not have the broad picture of states of affairs. Obama may be more cognizant, but his play appears to have been for time — and time helps — but it’s anyone’s guess as to whether he will address medieval precepts vs modern ones in what is forming up as his “lame duck” year.

Democracy may not be the answer in every place in which people suffer, but the medieval barbarism and tyranny on display in Syria, Iraq, and Iran — barrel bombings and beheadings, enslavements and capricious imprisonments and hangings — make no case at all for themselves and, indeed, beg for wholesale self-destruction and abandonment.

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