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Acknowledging issues, re-perceiving or just seeing the medieval world as something different and disturbing (!) may be a large step not only for Islam but for the world in general. The NATO opposition has taken a Great Leap Backwards that includes “The Terrorists” — and it requires “The Terrorists” as a foil for sustaining feudalism. If there’s to be, say, a Great Walk Forward, it may involve ejecting that part of the past, starting with “The Terrorists” and responding appropriately and universally (not to Muslims only) wherever tragedy takes place.

Reference for comment: Watanabe, Teresa.  “American Muslims Raise More Than $100,000 for families of San Bernardino Shooting Victims.”  Los Angeles Times, December 8, 2015.

Shimmer always applies.

Pakistan’s Lal Masjid issues may or may not have deep purchase in the mosques of the west, but what the related imbroglios (2007 or 2015) represent most certainly exists and is not compatible with the benefits — including freedoms and privileges — of living in a modern world.  As regards that “modern world” — the world of the democratic open societies; the world devoted to human dignity, rights, and security as far as can be extended to all; the world invested in broadening the reach of the benefits of cooperation in economics, law, human health and performance and science and technology; that world that in fact has put the readers of this blog on the World Wide Web — it needs to expand to envelope the remnants of state medievalism, i.e., the worlds of highest-level political corruption, crime, and patronage.

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