Van Zile examines how old discredited anti-Semitic sentiments have gained new vibrancy among Christians as the global “human rights community has promoted a pornographic obsession with the Arab-Israeli conflict.” Amongst America’s historically socially predominant Protestant denominations like the United Church of Christ in which the Catholic Van Zile grew up, “progressive mainline churches have become a storehouse of anti-Jewish invective.” Internationally, the “World Council of Churches [WCC] speaks about the modern state of Israel in a manner similar to the way Christians spoke about Jews in Medieval Europe—as a uniquely sinful nation.”

Submitted under Protest: Essays Written in Defense of Freedom documents one Christian’s intellectual defense of religious freedom.

Philos Project book review by Andrew Harrod — Religious Freedom: Writer Battles Jihad against Israel and Beyond – Philos Project


Harrod, Andrew.  “Religious Freedom: Writer Battles Jihad Against Israel and Beyond.”  Philos Project, June 7, 2016.