Islamic State (IS) members “are following sharia, Quran, word by word,” stated Iraqi Catholic Chaldean priest Douglas Bazi at Washington, DC’s Catholic Information Center(CIC) during a May 10 presentation.  His comments, part of an American speaking tourthat included a Heritage Foundation panel the next day, gave an unusually frank assessment of Islam’s inherently dangerous aspects born of bitter personal experience.

Bazi has previously been similarly politically incorrect, telling a 2015 conference in Italy that “there’s no such thing as moderate Islam.”

Source: Iraqi Priest Unveils Islamic Oppression – Religious Freedom Coalition, June 20, 2016.

BackChannels has consistently promoted the perception — and believes it valid and reliable — that the Ummah is broad and that modern Muslims have engaged in a great conversation as regards the character of Islam and their options within its framework and with the world beyond it.   Nonetheless, how does one engage a partisan publication whose authors and subjects know firsthand the nature of Muslim-borne diminishment or marginalization, subjugation and greater persecution, and, in the end, nothing more or less than theft and murder in the name of Allah?  One cannot argue with that experience, and the same repeats itself in history, lending veracity to Baghdadi’s efforts to emulate Muhammad’s existence and his politics.  At the same time, who among Muslims living in the west would care to live today as Baghdadi maneuvers today on the proceeds of crime and general pillage?  Pray God, everyone, we do not place the medieval world forward of the one in which you have accessed this blog.