A Black Lives Matter protest group meets a counter-protest group on the streets of Dallas.

Source: Opposing protesters meet in Dallas – CNN Video – 7/11/2016

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The post-Cold War, post-Soviet Era remain a legitimate framework for understanding contemporary American political protest.  Organizations like Black Lives Matter and the Chicago Alliance Against Racism and Repression offer a perspective that should have faded with the dissolving of the Soviet almost 25 years ago.

The world has changed around them.

The chief of police might be a black man; the “white” policeman a Latino; the lawyers, the social workers, other professionals: any minority, faith or race, or white and possibly Christian, or not: basically, anyone can become what they want to become in these United States of America.  The politics that promote division and the psychology that accompanies some want of respect and manages to turn that into a tyrannical voice may devolve to “malignant narcissism” (on this blog and with reference to dictatorships: “differents talks — same walk”).