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Posted by eOne Films, October 26, 2012.

Synopsis of a Different Kind of Script

Putin’s mission: sustain feudalism in service to political absolutism and reap the benefits of sustained conflicts and, eventually, subjugated and taxed populations.

KGB method: Reflexive Control via the indirect channeling of terrorism to promote the authoritarian nationalism certain to weaken EU / NATO cohesion and favor the development of political environments subject to the control by the wealthiest and most powerful of personalities.

Western Response Most Adverse to Democratic Modernity: in former Moscow-aligned organizations or personalities, adoption of “active measures” and forms of perceptual control, including the “false flag” painting of events, to channel popular perception in service to greater political power.

Western Response Most Favorable to Democratic Modernity: strongest possible emphasis on empiricism, integrity in investigation, and the promotion and retention of American and associated constitutional methods, principles, and values.

In the feudal mode, “the masses” — BackChannels finds the term itself degrading — may be controlled by disinformation, disingenuous information, framing, innuendo, rumor, and suspicion.

In the modern mode, the curious and the reasoning of the public may sift and evaluate for strong information — valid, reliable, significant, and straight.

North Americans and Europeans accustomed to political decency may wish to evaluate whether they really want to have the Feudal Mode installed in the future experience of their own presently democratic and modern rule-of-law states.


The Fallen Headstones Mystery

Blake, Aaron.  “Trump is flirting with the idea that anti-Semitic incidents are false flags — yet again.”  The Washington Post, February 28, 2017.

BackChannel’s day began with related coverage in The Jerusalem Post “Trump reportedly questions authenticity of JCC bomb threats” (February 28, 2017)” and in the New York Daily News — “Trump suggests Jewish community is spreading anti-Semitic threats” (February 28, 2017).   This editor’s response:

I would question the authenticity of each posture or pretense presented, and I should think a good detective would start with the accuser. Again, we have been made to enter an era marked by the potential for KGB-style “false flag” and other manipulation. Where some people dare the improbable — do the unthinkable — the numbers (what are the odds?) may not help them.

I find the Linda Sarsour side of the story deeply suspect given her relationship with Hamas.

What if Jews and Muslims accomplished the vandalism together, and then made a show of amity in the wake of tragedy?

In the feudal mode — where power is concentrated by a force in personality that generates immense wealth and patronage without regard for common law — and in the mind supporting the feudal worldview (blessed with imagination but cursed by limited access to applicable data, critical research and reasoning skill, and relevant knowledge), what, however improbable, is not possible?

In this imbroglio, to accuse either Jews or Muslims — or representatives of either — of engaging in a “false flag” operations draws immediate condemnation as either anti-Semitic or Islamophobic — and therein lies the beauty of medieval manipulation and political theater and the greater horror of it as well.

What happens when power play magus?

Syria — and the incubating of ISIL as useful tool for Moscow and the depopulating of the state to present the west with a major headache.

Ukraine — and so-called “hybid warfare” to run Ukrainians off their land (a lesser known part of that conflict’s story) and regain a measure of control over the productive capacity of the state or state political criminals.

What will happen to the western public IF subjected to continued “reflexive control” and artifice in the presentation of political event?

Whatever the answer may be, it’s unknown to BackChannels.

However, BackChannels would attempt to armor the “American Mind” against so many feudal methods of perceptual control even though an obscure foreign policy / political science / political psychology blog cannot begin to do what perhaps the American Intelligence Community (IC) needs must do in defense of the Constitution and the related cohesion and integrity of the state itself: set the record straight.

Ellis, Ralph and Eric Levenson.  “FBI investigates Jewish cemetery vandalism in Philly.”  CNN, February 27, 2017.

How is it possible that an act of vandalism on the scale reported — in Philadelphia’s Mount Carmel Cemetery, some “75 to 100 headstones were topped” according to CNN — produced no claims (by person or organization), no witnesses — none that have been in any way publicized, at least — and to date no suspects.

What has been produced: innuendo, rumor, suspicion, each a part of the shifting — and at times easily manipulated — perceptions well known to feudal lords and their loyal subjects.

Addendum – March 4, 2017 and Forward

Greenfield, Daniel.  “Pro-Palestinian Black Muslim Leftist Arrested in Jewish Center Bomb Threats.”  FrontPage, March 3, 2017. The number of incidents associated with Juan M. Thompson: eight, a fraction of the total calls made to Jewish centers.