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Wiesenthal Center Urges Ukrainian Authorities to Take Action Against General Who Threatened to Murder Jews

May 17, 2017

Jerusalem-The Simon Wiesenthal Center has called upon the Ukrainian government to take legal action against retired Security Service General Vasily Vovk in the wake of a recent Facebook post of his in which he wrote that he intends to murder Jews, among them Jewish MP Vadim Rabinovych. In a letter sent to Ukrainian ambassador to Israel Hennadii Nadolenko by its Director of Eastern European Affairs, Dr. Efraim Zuroff, the Center emphasized the severity of the general’s comments and lack hitherto of an appropriate response by the Ukrainian authorities.

According to Zuroff’s letter:

“I am aware of the fact that the embassy here in Israel responded to express your regret about the ‘highly provocative post of [an] anti-Semitic character,’ but there is no indication that any legal action of any sort has or will be taken against General Vovk. So although the embassy ‘condemns all kinds of manifestations of anti-Semitism, xenophobia, and other forms of intolerance,’ the bottom line as far as the Ukrainian authorities are concerned, is absolute impunity for vicious anti-Semites.

“We urge you to convey our concerns to the authorities in Kiev with a demand that appropriate and resolute action be taken against General Vovk, to send a clear message that in democratic Ukraine there will be no tolerance whatsoever for anti-Semites and bigots of any type.”

BackChannels snipped the contact data and boilerplate from the press release.  The original may be found here: http://www.wiesenthal.com/site/apps/nlnet/content.aspx?c=lsKWLbPJLnF&b=8776547&ct=14995945&notoc=1

On the same topic, there’s an ages old Russian story:


Scaptegoating and targeting Jews, among others, seems ever more a part of feudal control and not the modern world.

To his credit, Putin maintains a stance best described as anti- anti-Semitism.  However, the same would seem belied by Moscow’s continuing relationships with Tehran, Hamas, Hezbollah, and PFLP.