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The above were posted today, May 17, 2017, on YouTube.  The “feed” from Ukraine’s war with Russia is continuous, but all seems to quiet at the desktop as the drama becomes familiar and outside anger dissipates into other breaking news.

https://www.unian.info/war/1928061-militants-attempt-to-penetrate-ukraine-defense-lines-near-avdiyivka-fail.html – 5/17/2017

https://www.unian.info/war/1926419-ato-hq-russian-proxies-attack-ukraine-43-times-in-last-day.html – 5/17/2017

http://uaposition.com/latest-news/500-homes-avdiyivka-damaged-militants-years-start/ – 5/17/2017

http://uaposition.com/latest-news/ukraine-adds-more-russian-crimean-transport-enterprises-sanction-list/ – 5/17/2017

Every hour, all 24, every day, the global public may not see the “blast and battle” taking place in Crimea, but what is happening appears in the government’s response to exigencies as well as reports from the front lines.


BackChannels hopes it will “scrape” less and interview now and then as the post-Cold War conflicts move through time and, God willing, resolve against the feudal past and for the more favorable modern democratic future with the strength to support rule of law in service to liberal ideals.

For this post, the blog may only encourage looking at the struggle of a state leaning westward and putting distance between itself and a demonstratively barbaric, corrupt, criminal, cruel, disingenuous, and kleptocratic feudal society that adorns itself on the spoils of malign narcissistic thieving under the guise of “protection”.