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Abba — Arafat’s known and others may be suspect — bend to Moscow (the KGB record never goes away), and as Moscow has nowhere to go that wouldn’t be trapped in a century-and-one-half old imperial time bubble, neither has Abbas, who has not been able to do more for the Palestinians than enrich his own network through corruption.


Imho (who else’s?), the Middle East Conflict was Moscow’s post-WWII Cold War Era project, and here perhaps comes the beginning of the end with Abbas bottled up and — for having no place to go — floating backward into history.

It should be all over but the fighting, and on that surreal “Animal Farm” political habitat referred to as Moscow has lost for itself through its displays of barbarism in Syria and Ukraine all moral and noble authority.  Neither the “Mafia State” nor Mahmoud Abbas’s need much effort for tarring as regards their corrupted systems.

The prompt for these remarks: http://www.jpost.com/Arab-Israeli-Conflict/Palestinian-leadership-considers-dissolving-PA-says-Abbas-insider-503268 (8/23/2017).