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Posted on Facebook by “Brotality” about six months ago:

The pilot’s success in becoming a pilot should have been Gabriel Pasternak’s revenge.

All else: common murder.


Fair for lookup: “maternal cameo”.

Kobrin’s a little challenging for reading, but the manner of taking others into one’s own suicide in suicide terrorism has been well documented and explored.

Everyone has complaints: perhaps the pilot in the above video should have asked himself for greater insight into his own behavioral repertoire, so as not to have alienated so many others — and then blamed them for his continuing his own unhappiness.

Of course some parts of the world grind against us, but our souls battle back with constructive ends and ideals.

While the pilot had found fault with everyone on that plane, the same passengers may have missed the pilot who could just as well have gone on to tweak his “ugly duckling” music into a beautiful swan — then too, with the money he must have been making as a pilot, imagine if he had used his new wealth to attend to more children like himself, how amazing the things they may have gone on to do.

Instead, he took himself out of the picture and drew the hate and want of revenge from all of the families and friends associated with all of the passengers on board his flight.

Regarding the pilot’s “awful music” —


“Brotality” promotes itself on facebook as an entertainment organization.

BackChannels readers are welcome to look them up and drawn their own conclusions.

The Urban Dictionary offers two or three definitions today of the term “brotality“, among them this gem — “When a real hard ass bro kills someone, mortal kombat style. ‘Bro’ being the prefix and ‘tality’ being the suffix.”