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And the incumbent President has not been so? Has the news really been fake? Had his vendors been paid completely and on time at completion of work? And then with hindsight, we could update this chart appearing in POLITICO last March:


Here’s the nut: “Did he or didn’t he?” doesn’t matter.

What matters is America’s coherence in its confidence in its presidency.

Where is that now?

The prompting statement to the effect that the “Clintons are pathological liars.”

Even if accepted in the nonpartisan spirit, where are Americans with their critical evaluation of the present leadership?

While drafting this temperature-checking note, I had asked “Where is the United States today as regards the Skripal poisoning in the United Kingdom?”, and I had expected to find not much given President’s Trump image as an autocrat in line with Putin’s encouragement of EU / NATO “New Nationalism”, an element part and parcel in the prying apart of the Alliance.

Here’s what turned up in Business Insider yesterday afternoon:


Price, Rob.  “Trump told May that the US is with the UK ‘all the way’ over the Sergei Skripal poisoning”.  Business Insider, March 13, 2018.

The two log lines — ” . . . with UK ‘all the way'” and ” . . . hesitant to blame Russia for the attack . . . .”  address the ambivalence and suspicions that have dogged the Trump Presidency from before the elections (perhaps starting with the eyebrow-raising Trump campaign association with the now indicted Paul Manafort).

However Americans may feel about the American President at this moment, it’s the “Phantom of the Soviet” and the “phantoms of the Soviet” in issues that are being spotlighted in relation to KGB-style political assassinations that in turn have been evaluated by the intelligence services of the three NATO states now apparently in agreement on their origins.