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Prompt: ” . . . the Arabs . . . will become the majority in Israel, and things will  . . . change.”

The apartheid — the separation of Palestinians in camps in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Egyp — is Arab.

The exploiting of misery and leveraging of anti-Semitic perception is Russo-Arabian from the Soviet Era (and Russia’s 19th Century history as regards the libel of “The Protocols”).

Political suppression — suppression of criticism, of open speech, of election — may be credited to PLO/PA and Hamas.

Corruption and the skewing of financial distribution of UNRWA support has produced wealthy leaders — Arafat, Abbas, Haniyeh, Mashaal — and affluence among the patronized.

For those who feel diminished by not getting “one-up” on the Jews, the Jews in liberation theology got one-up on Pharaoh.

So many of the things you have heard have, perhaps, been intended to manipulate you, to make you angry, to exploit a bad situation.

Palestinian general good: never so loudly addressed.

The interest is there. The conscience, modernity, and will: absent.

Addendum – From the Same Day

The prompt had to do with Jews as outsiders, a trope coughed up frequently by the Palestinian holdovers from the era of Soviet cadre.  (URL added, of course).

The Point of No Return blog will tell a substantial part of the story of the Jews and their return to capital and land of the Hebrews.

A fast look-up of “KGB, Arafat” and “KGB, Abbas” will tell you a little bit about the origin, design, and handling of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, PFLP, and others.

A revisiting of the Gaza’s historic Jewish community, its more recent (2005) displacement by force, and the destruction of its synagogues, which were to remain accessible, will tell you also about where Israel’s Jews have come from and what they valued where they were settled.

We do not reconcile good with evil: we grow the good — and “the good”, if it is good, has integrity.