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I24News, September 27, 2018

Mahmoud Abbas has aged.  Approaching 83 come this November 15, he has stood before the United Nations General Assembly repeating himself and inventing anti-Semitic / anti-Zionist invective in the old Orwellian Soviet way.

In Abbas’s surreal world, Israel must return to “four June 1967” borders, Israeli settlers and IDF “blaspheme against the holy sites” of Islam, and the latest “Nation State Law of the Jewish People” is racist.  In the President’s masked away thinking, no blood shed in defensive war bought the expansion; the “Western Wall” must not belong to the Jews who built it; and a mild declaration more than in keeping with the tenets of a dozen European monarchies must be racist yet.

All that: inside of 2.5 minutes.

The familiar canard follow in language’s best known “dark mirror”.  “The Palestinians” — the Arabs of Jordan and Egypt and the laborers who came into the region as Jewish land purchases produced a new agricultural economy — have the history of what today is Israel, not the Hebrews, not the Jews.  The designated and too well known Palestinian Liberation Organization terrorists become the picture of innocents against the tyrannous Israel and United States.

“The Congress comes out of the blue to say the PLO is a terrorist organization.  How come?”

Answer: continuing violence visited on innocents.

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While Abbas claims Palestinians have been denied the right to self-determination, it would be difficult to overlook the existence of the PLO/PA government and Hamas as the governing power in Gaza.  Which of either government has not been self-determining?

“We reject the idea of militias . . . .”


“We are not redundant . . . .”

After 70 years of Arab abuse and apartheid in camps and through political treatment, BackChannels believes the “Palestinian  People” a body isolated and unique in experience and therefore a “people” but one being born a little upside-down.

Israel most often views the main base of Palestinians as more human than the corrupt “leadership” organizations that plainly exploit them.

Israel-PLO Recognition: Exchange of Letters Between PM Rabin and Chairman Arafat (1993)

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