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As BackChannels interests developed, it became possible to plug-and-play appropriate material into Facebook and Twitter feeds with the hope that the same would pass through the western choirs, as they may be, and into the Palestinian’s own debilitating, degrading, faked-up “orientalist” gang counseling resistance with one hand and thieving (via corruption and other methods) from the same with the other.









Those genuinely interested in peace but making their careers, for now, on the spine of the conflict may today ask themselves how much they need to sustain the conflict as a conveniently evil institution.

As a dictatorship or sham democracy, one may expect today’s Moscow and company in similarly absolute power to want to keep another generation of refugees or Gaza and West Bank residents trapped in time and kept exactly as they are.  The business that made Arafat and Abbas multimillionaires and Haniyeh and Mashaal billionaires has been pretty good for cash and the related power that comes with dispensing the same as patronage.  Why stop now?  Or ten years from now?  Or twenty . . . or seventy-plus?

BackChannels would ask a different question: what do the open democracies wish to do with political systems redolent of medieval and totalitarian epochs and post-modern and politically criminal worlds?

Should Palestinians not “enjoy” another 70+ years as the political captives of their interlocutors?