Vladimir Bukovski nominated as candidate for president of Russia. Posted by AP to YouTube July 21, 2015.

Vladimir Konstantinovich Bukovsky, once dubbed “a hero of almost legendary proportion among the Soviet dissident movement” by the New York Times, died of cardiac arrest in Addenbrookes Hospital, in Cambridge, England at 9:46 PM Greenwich Time on 27 October, 2019. He was 76. His health had been poor in recent years.

A gifted writer, Bukovsky was revered for his ability to document both the daily insults and grand oppression of Soviet prison life, and to convey with detail the soul-crushing effects of torture on both prisoner and jailer.

https://www.vladimirbukovsky.com/obit – 10/27/2019 (more on website).

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In 1971, between prison sentences, Bukovsky helped smuggle to the West the psychiatric hospital records of six well-known dissidents – exposing a Soviet practice of declaring dissidents mentally ill in order to detain and discredit them, rather than have them labelled as political prisoners.

Then in 1976 Bukovsky was expelled to the West, in exchange for the imprisoned Chilean Communist Party leader Luis Corvalán. He settled in Cambridge in the UK.

https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-50206084 – 10/28/2019.



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Robert Frost interviews Vladimir Bukovsky on February 29, 2008, and the two discuss Vladimir Putin prior to the 2008 elections in which Dmitry Medvedev would win the Presidential appointment and the next day appoint Putin as Russia’s Prime Minister. Posted to YouTube by Al Jazeera English, March 1, 2008.