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Inspiration: the fearful now hiding in their appointed tombs before their time; the politicians intent on institutionalizing the separation of individuals (in our most gregarious species) by way of the bludgeoning force of law; the observation that the “Greatest Generation” of WWII has passed and the most ambitious, rambunctious, and rowdy of the “Baby Boom” generation has found itself nearing the end of its crazy, dangerous, wealth-building, wealth-reneging ride through history, the oldest being today 75 and the youngest of the ultra-conformed and ultra-rebellious having attained age 60. Once upon a time, 18 meant that one was old enough for the national draft and the possibility of finding death in Vietnam; today’s 60 in America has become old enough for being the clay target on life’s shooting range and 75 cranky and settled down behind one’s computer and cell phone.

Some will live to see their 100th birthday.


From the Awesome Conversation

Deja Vu – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hong_Kong_flu

We’re neither going to accommodate nor defeat nature in any absolute sense, but we may respond — and may have responded to — COVID-19 with both greater foresight capability (we KNEW something like it was coming) and community-wide responsibility. The collective “we” as expressed through public policy and budget decided against the funding of an ever-ready position in relation to potential public emergencies. We chose not to be ready with field hospitals, masks, and ventilators as well as caskets, burial grounds, and related facilities and services.

Who knew, right?

Well, look at the demographics, backward and forward. The oldest of the “Baby Boomers” has hit 75 (and little brother here 65, almost). The whole of the generation will not be here in the next quarter of a century. Well, some will break through 90 and some expire sooner than expected.

What is an appropriate rate of morbidity for a population of 328 million?

Is there a good target for population x space x organization?

Can we defend and embrace freedom — choice, free will, independent moral agency, independence in fact — through fear laced with totalitarian behavioral coercion and “guidance”?


From a practical perspective, we really needed — and need now — facilities and services and systems — and flexibility — sufficient for handling what is now present and some basic portion of what’s possible.

We’re not helpless.

We should never have tanked our own economy!