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How does one go about purchasing the United States of America?

First ruin it.

Give it a bad cold.

Shut it down.

Throw the lesser capitalists out of their own small businesses; throw their employees out of their jobs.

Next: take their your own profits in trade and purchase what the little people couldn’t hold.

It’s a free world, financially speaking, after all.

And funny thing — more and more (of everything – businesses in bankruptcy, related debt, foreclosures, even people) will may be coming up for sale as debt rises and capacity to return both interest and principle diminishes.

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“One of the primary reasons to be fiscally responsible during periods of economic expansion is to have the capacity to fight downturns or emergencies,” said Maya MacGuineas, president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. “This is precisely the kind of moment, where borrowing is warranted and necessary, that we should have been preparing for over the past years.”

Even if the Big Picture looks good, the financial suffering attending the country’s COVID-19 response and related response to that on the street may nonetheless continue degrading productivity and the sustaining of wealth in short order. One may wonder with what might be coming whether the complacent “we shall see” really hacks it for the public.