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The Far Out Left Mob has drummed into existence the idea of the Far White Right in response to the now incendiary Presidency of Donald Trump, he who referred to white supremacists on the march in Charlottesville as “very fine people”.

As one thing leads to another, the once amateur politician who by much advice and fast seasoning has become Presidential, finds his forces and streets — ours as well — in the hands of hotheaded police and politicos.

As so many feckless and ignorant Americans have chosen to ban or bring down the symbols of the nation’s extraordinary heritage in blood and suffering on behalf of its prevailing values (” . . . that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights . . . .”), even if on the “wrong side” of history, I’ve given in to launching a short response — a reminder, actually — of what America, to this point, has meant to be — and we may be certain we were not meant to be a post-Soviet Russian “State Capitalist” white nationalist enterprise nor a storage bin for post-Soviet Communist and Socialist agitation, propaganda, and unrest.

From the Awesome Conversation


President Lincoln had directed General Grant to leave the Southern leadership its freedom and pride at surrender. The war was not one of conquest but of reintegration with the Union — and the United States of America — and the end would lead to reconstruction of the south and later reconciliation between once mortal enemies.

With surrender, the Confederate Flag that had stood for “State’s Rights” and, yes, the institution that was agrarian slavery, had become transformed through time into a symbol of Southern courage, memorial, and rebelliousness. For the greater nation it became a decorative regional symbol generalized for the “American rebel” of any age, color, or state. The once seriously “Rebel Flat” became also a benign decorative element fit for beach towels and everything else that would become part of our common multicultural, multiracial American heritage.

We Americans together embrace compassion, dignity, equality, freedom, individualism, justice.

We should not need to erase or suppress our history or its symbols but take note of them and together move forward.

I have one more element to share with you.


Now the mob seems to have taken aim at that regional and integrated southern pride in heritage while giving publicity to the KKK and other marginalized forces remaining not from the Confederacy but coursing through the Viking heritage of white northern Europe and flowing through history into portions of northern British culture (which would be influenced today by Russia’s white nationalist push against EU/NATO and modern progressive — and color and heritage integrating — multicultural values).

For Americans who abhor the idea of “race war”, the so-called progressive forces may be setting the stage for one.



How special we are!


We should be true with our national heritage, our collective past, and come together for our future.

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Editor’s Afterword

The title has turned out larger than the post.


I don’t see much difference between ISIS tearing down Palmyra and America’s present Far Out Left getting governors (and event producers) to remove the presence of American Civil War symbols — flags or statues — from public view.

FTAC: From the Post-Publication Follow-Up

For addressing politics, it’s better to have whatever is behind the woodwork come out and make itself known.


The public can see it for what it is.

Now we’re going to have cadre on dark or obscure web platforms being chased by a limited law enforcement community. They will be brewing up evil in their own virtual corners and spilling out into reality when they’re ready for “action”.

Police here have lost at least one precinct to “CHAZ” and that to me would be unfathomable but for having grown up near the “Nuclear Free Zone” of Takoma Park, Maryland, a location I have referred to as the “Berkeley of the East” (not far from the University of Maryland).

I understand the liberal outlook and America’s instinct for pursuing ideals and producing practical improvements in governance. I don’t understand the growing divide between a multicultural progressive culture, which I believe in, and a reactionary Christian White Nationalist putsch. I view the latter development as backward, bullying, brutal, and feudal.

Posted to YouTube November 7, 2015 and featuring American professor of economics Walter E. Williams.