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Posted to YouTube by British Pathe, April 13, 2014.

Posted to YouTube by British Pathe, April 13, 2014.

“America First!” has been shouted before in American political history.

“American Patriots” v “Globalists” should have been laid to rest when birthed.

ANTIFA continues turning out a fascist’s wet dream, for even today, despite the shows on the streets between flag wavin’ gun-totin’ Trumpites and black-capped anarchists, the FBI has yet to identify the features of an organized terrorist element. Instead, well click here for what showed up in at least one net: https://www.9news.com/article/news/crime/woman-arrested-denver-police-protests/73-b7aec5bb-5529-4b9e-b5ea-869b2dc928e2

Nonetheless, some general American ignorance has brought us to this pass where some on the Far White Right (predominantly) believe their nation under assault by mysterious communist-globalist-socialist forces while scrimmages within Far Out Left circles believe the nation reverted to the 1930s and “race war” is on the way.

Are you an American?

Take the oath!

If you believe and can speak it with good conscience.

Posted to YT October 2, 2020.

Americans don’t need “Us v Them” here.

Americans need a “We” and an “Us”.

We Americans have a lot of data, ideas, and impressions within us when we wake and coming at us through media, especially online, throughout the day, and it may be important to consider not only the sources of our news but their integrity and our individual preparation as receivers of it.

Do we really believe our neighbors might turn into Nazis?

Do we really believe in “Globalists”?

Might we admit that for competitor “superpowers” and others, democracy proves unattractive and America is only a prize to be plundered (“by any means necessary”)?

Might we from time to time review what is in our hearts and lay that against not only what we read but HOW we read?

Do we read to feel good about ourselves and how we prefer to see the world?

Do we read for something called “truth”?

Had President Trump proven a better character throughout his life and proven a dispassionate fighter in defense of America and one more deeply engaged in issues than the promotion of his own image, I’d have chosen a different tack for this election eve. However, my own concern for the nation has to do with an apparent abandonment of “the aisle” and keen, knowledgeable, and moderate approach to domestic and foreign policy certain of America’s political ethics, ideals, instructions, tenets, and values.

Those who have normalized their own extremes would be wise to reconsider the validity of their fears and put in place a demand for ever clear, accurate, complete — plus valid and reliable — information about everything — and if certain of their own certainty (and belligerent about it) reconsider their own methods in research, reasoning, and rhetoric.

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