Posted to YouTube November 7, 2020
Live at posting.

Lame duck President Trump tried to sway the American People with boast and brag and faked up show business. He may have underestimated the degree to which he inspired his own opposition — and then how much he and his political methods and stances were . . . . well, listen to the street.

Live at posting – 11/7/2020/1448.

I hope other autocratic / authoritarian “leaders” take note of what is today a large and spontaneous shout of national joy resounding across the United States of America. Perhaps a few should reconsider the character of their own career methods in inhibiting and plundering their nations in the cause of their own aggrandizement and insatiable hunger for adoration and validation without end (technically speaking, “Narcissistic Supply“).

Recorded, about 50-seconds.