Inspiration: calls from the Right Far Right for an election “do-over”.

From the Awesome Conversation

To do it needs evidence, and no valid or reliable evidence for recount has yet to surface. Accusation and innuendo (from a president who lies to wives and everyone else) remains — and will be found — insufficient for delaying the calling of a carefully and highly secured election.

Now anyone can be wrong, and most of us will examine things we’ve done, have a look into our souls, and ask if the problem might be with ourselves rather than external forces. We query ourselves and experience either guilt, rightfully, or good conscience, rightfully. That integrity within ourselves is part of our being free to be Americans.

We don’t shout the other fellow down.

Our Left and Right fringes with immoderate human components want to have the world always their way. It’s their response to some perceived political impotence. Most of us want a world — and politics — that work OUR Way Together. So we compile (valid and reliable) data, and we go over our sense of ethics, morals, principles, and values — and we argue. That’s been more the right way of doing things — and getting GOOD things done.

From the hinterland far up north:

WASHINGTON — For 40 hours, President Donald Trump fumed in private and tweeted his grievances in all caps.

When he at last emerged, it was to stand behind the presidential seal in the White House and deliver a diatribe most notable for his litany of false statements about the election and his attempt to cast doubt on the integrity of the democratic process.

Anchorage Daily News – “Trump spreads baseless accusations over the election, at White House and on Twitter – November 6, 2020.

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Lie and get caught?

Lie better.

Politico – “Trump reframes his baseless claims of widespread voter fraud” – 11/6/2020.

And so the incumbent President Trump has inspired Republican doubt —

Then the Trump campaign then got lucky: The case was assigned to a federal judge who had been appointed by President Trump just last year.

But when the arguments began, and the Trump campaign was presented with every opportunity to come forward with evidence, it had none whatsoever supporting its claim — so the Trump-appointed judge had no choice but to throw out the lawsuit.

NYT – “Fox News Meets Trump’s Fraud Claims With Skepticism” – 11/5/2020.

NYT – “Trump’s False Election Fraud Claims Split Republicans” – 11/6/2020.

Even sources like Fox and the New York Post that have been favorable to the conservative framework have questioned President Trump’s political perception.

Fox – “Ex-Arizona GOP AG Woods: Trump claims of election fraud are completely baseless — his lawsuits will fail” – 11/6/2020. Note from this piece: “Yet in Florida’s primary earlier this year, Trump actually voted by mail himself.”