Verbatim but for identification of the thread host.

The inspiration was one of those grievance-laden rants about the Clintons and Obama, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, the Steele Dossier, George Soros, the CIA, the FBI, and “The Deep State”.

It’s not the truth, K. It’s polemic without basis, empirical, factual or otherwise.

Posted elsewhere on this thread . . . but I wanted to reply to you specifically —

Is there the possibility of your being wrong and having been wrong about President Trump and his claims?


There is in politics related to conflict a concept widely accepted as “Accusation in a Mirror”.

On YouTube, Republicans Voting Against Trump (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC03-Q9vq-JyiStTnqasADVg) voluntarily submitted recordings of their most personal political views and the insults and violations of their sensibilities brought to them by Donald J. Trump. Listen to them. Listen to their hearts. They are your fellow Republicans and fellow Americans.

Is there in your heart even the possibility that your information may be wrong and your conclusions faulty?

Social control in our competitor’s state, Russia, often involves medieval agitation and propaganda; today’s America has been deeply divided not by examined issues but by defamation, disinformation, innuendos, and the floating of wild conspiracy theories that just don’t add up or pan out with clinical examination. The post-Soviet (World Peace Council) Far Out Left knows the methods too, but here in the United States, it really has been a kind of Far White Right that has spun up delusion and paranoia in its ranks.

I am certain that more centered and moderate Americans encounter similar rants composed or copy-and-pasted from the Trump base, and I wouldn’t know what to tell them but to battle back the disinformation.

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