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Where are the gun and shooter?

How convenient for the camera to have followed the tug-of-war over the generator and not the assault (by whom) on Harun Abu Aram.

The unholy choir or practiced propagandists have weighed in with their headers – Middle East Eye: “Israeli forces shoot Palestinian in neck as they attempt to confiscate generator”; +972: “He grabbed his generator. They shot him in the neck” (note: the generator was far out of the victim’s hands when shots were fired); Al Jazeera: “Palestinian man left quadriplegic by Israeli shooting: Ministry” (at least the publication attributes the call — “A Palestinian man was paralysed from the neck down after being shot by the Israeli army on Friday in the West Bank, the Palestinian health ministry said”).

Of course, The Jerusalem Post hedges —

“The claim that a Palestinian was wounded by live ammunition is known and the incident is being investigated,” the IDF said.

Channel 12 reported on Friday night that an initial investigation indicated that Abu Aram was shot unintentionally when the weapon of one of the soldiers at the scene discharged accidentally.

Screen capture at 0:31 seconds on January 3, 2021.

The generator and its owner had been separated, albeit not entirely in the IDF’s direction. Still, what would have been the point?

I’m inclined to leave the original header in place on this post even while changing its course, a reminder to myself to have the hard independent look first and shill neither Left nor Right.

While “Palestinian Resistance” picks up with its habitual protests — and those are certain to draw others toward injury — the facade covering Iranian involvement (backed by Moscow) will slip mightily as Sunni Arab states further cement their both new and strategic relationship with Israel. Those that have done that are no fans of Hezbollah or the Muslim Brotherhood. They’re not behind the Red-Green Far Out Left either. That pack of howling hyenas has worked as hard as the Palestinian “leadership” to encourage and sustain Palestinian self-destruction via abuse and corruption, disingenuous (the fix is always in!) speech, old Soviet communist (KGB) alliance, and deep exploitation (from use as “Pallywood” actors to child tunnel diggers to human shields).

In the Middle East as well as elsewhere across the world’s conflicted regions, appearances may be deceiving. Here, however, I would be surprised if IDF investigation were to refuse IDF fault in the injuring of Harun Abu Aram. The case now seems other — at least at this desktop — than a my-side-your-side thing. Still, states and territories have their agreements and understandings for the everyday working of their respective societies, and the suspended Palestinian semi-state and its residents should know better than to build where Israel has refused permit.

If there’s another fact irrefutable on the Palestinian side, it is just exactly that.

Posted to YouTube by polka23dot, March 22, 2012.

What kind of person would want to see Palestinian misery sustained in service to his own aggrandizement?

Have a look at the Middle East’s chief sponsor of extraordinary Palestinian discontent —

Stecklow, Steve, Babak Dehghanpisheh and Yeganeh Torbati. “Assets of the Ayatollah: The economic empire behind Iran’s supreme leader — Khamenei controls massive financial empire built on property seizures.” Reuters Investigates, November 11, 2013.

No one understands self-serving impositions of injustice and theft quite like Ali Khamenei.