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Q: Do you think this is the craziest time we have ever known?

From the Awesome Conversation

I’d suggest the Vietnam Era worse.

Keep in mind that the Soviet Union spent $1 billion seeding our Anti-War and Environmental movementsAndr and channeled its efforts toward our bipolar radicalism — about the same as today with its “Active Measures” held over from Yuri Andropov’s day.

With a one-term Trump Presidency, we have dodged a powerful bullet, and we should keep in mind that it took crossover Republicans to do it.

Biden’s now relying on outdated postures and needs to be shaken out of the still near past with Obama.


I’ll go a little further here with the note that our own decadence drives large foreign affairs, financial, and social issues. We’ve overdone it with the coke, dope, and sex (for starters), and the same have launched mass migrations toward us as well as funded our enemies through their control of Transnational Crime Organizations (TCOs). As “Children of the ’60s”, we should own up to some of the less immediately visible consequences of our own appetites.


https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-mexico-guns/iron-river-of-guns-flows-from-u-s-to-mexico-idUSN1223853620070713 (2007) | https://www.insightcrime.org/news/analysis/us-mexico-border-hemorrhaging-weapons/ (2020) |

In the western hemisphere, insecurity related to black market operations — cartels, gangs — literally drives people out of their homes; the same, of course, sends the “entrepreneurs” toward The North for business — or deliveries.

Posted to YouTube by Sheriff Reynolds, June 18, 2013.