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What Is To Be Done?

Event by Free Russia Foundation
Saturday, February 5, 2021 at 2 p.m. EST
Boris Nemtsov Plaza, Washington, D.C.

34–50°F Mostly Cloudy
Price: Free
Public · Anyone on or off Facebook
Join us for the third weekend of protest against the poisoning and jailing of a pro-democracy Russian politician Alexey Navalny by the Russian authorities!
We demand justice and freedom for Alexey Navalny and thousands arrested over two weeks of protests in Russia! We demand an international investigation of the poisoning of Alexey Navalny by Russian Security Service officers!

Putin’s navigating his oligarchic (and mafia) state back to the 19th Century must seem surreal to Russians aware of the modern democratic open societies of the west. Here in the United States, not only “everything goes”, too much goes 🙂 and the wildness in social chaos and exuberance may need some cultural shaping and trimming through natural normative adjustments in years to come, but that such processes take place with the most spacious freedom on earth may speak well to results in the future. Russia, on the other hand, seems to have embarked on official reversions to absurdities as a militarized white Christian (ROC) talking up its nationalist pride while being handled roughly by pernicious forces, wealthy and ruthless, destined, so far, to add to the woes of ordinary and less connected Russians.

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