No introduction needed this day for this quick opinion —

“Look how the authorities made sure to plunge the country into war and civil conflict. Is it a coincidence? Is it?”
Palestinian agitation, manipulation, and propaganda account for the experiential and intellectual poisoning of the Palestinians en masse. The “Palestinian Narrative” — more or less, “The Jews stole your land and God wants you to win it back” — has never held water, but for a black-and-white thinking rabble born to capitalize on tales of its own abuse, the myth serves for truth and sustained war for peace.

No Israeli politician invited this latest boiling over, and even though all will stump about it differently, the truth is the Palestinians have been lied to and exploited for decades by their own leaders and other powers intent on enriching themselves at Palestinian expense or proving (while getting some loot for doing so) some Islamic, nationalist, or racist point that might be attributed to their theater-of-the-real “heroism”.

From 2019: https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20191128-hamas-and-russia-the-benefits-of-growing-relations/
The duped Palestinians haven’t yet figured out who is really getting them killed.

Perhaps this time, Israel will make the truth a little more clear for all to examine.

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Posted May 12, 2021.