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For the Palestinians: more Medieval Political Absolutism (and related dogma and political theater) or Modern Open Democracy with its emphasis on practical, responsible, and responsive governance?

For the Israelis: is there a right mix between medieval habits and forces within and the modern and hyper-modern worlds that might become ultimately human-centered and less interested in cultural and religious revivals?

What is really at stake between Moscow x Tehran (as critically influential in the creation of Palestinian politics) and Washington x NATO (with modern Israel representative of the western civilizational project) is this argument about political power and purpose, medieval or modern.

Were it up to me, I’d see the medieval world largely packed away but for aesthetics, beliefs, comforts, rites, and rituals, i.e., communal, familial, and personal behaviors that we may engage in of our own free will, but not political and social behavior in which we needs must cooperate for both greater personal freedom and the many operations of complexly integrated and progressing societies.

I feel in my overviews of extremism over many years that the worst — of any camp! — devote themselves more to an imagined past and central narcissistic roles in power — or the vagaries of real ones that today would be anachronistic at best — than to the environmental and human challenges of the present and future.

Look ahead: medieval or modern?

With the above posted yesterday in a Facebook Israel-Palestine peace group, I arrived at the same this morning to find no response, or in old terms made new: the sound of silence.

Response –>

So if I read the silence correctly, Palestinians deserve medieval governance, corrupt with their money, dishonest to their face, with education bent and twisted, and with intimidation and violence politically repressive. No elections. Politics again at the end of the gun barrel. I don’t know if that’s what Palestinians deserve, but as much would seem to have been delivered to them through more than 73 years of hostilities sustained by their KGB-handled and Ayatollah-sponsored “leaders”.