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My suggestion: after the Soviet Union dissolved in bankruptcy on December 25, 1991, Bolshevik and disaffected criminal KGB were able to pry themselves back into power by the early-mid 1990’s. I’ve grounded that conclusion in Putin’s affection and loyalty for his own class of secret political police (note Dzerzhinsky’s birthday), Nekrasov’s deep dive of a documentary on the poisoning by Polonium of FSB investigator Alexander Litvinenko, the manner in which Putin came to power (false-flag apartment bombings blamed on Chechen rebels), and the detention of Ayman al-Zawahiri by the KGB over the winter of 1996/7.

In addition, I have come to view “9/11” as a primarily KGB-guided Reflexive Control Operation designed to goose patriotism in the west by sparking a war with Radical Islam (mission accomplished!) while inducing the “New Nationalism” in EU/NATO as well as drift and permit for Ultra Nationalist efforts in the same that were to form up and return modern states to deeply conflicted feudal-medieval polities (the democracies most degraded thereby: Hungary, Italy, Poland Turkey, and the United States).

I’ve made the same points recently in “A Few Keys Related to ‘East-West Rivalry’ (July 2, 2022), but here as with the separated “Malignant Narcissistic Process Distilled” (July 10, 2022), I wanted to keep the post short for the most efficient comprehension and public relay.


Given Vladimir Putin’s malignant narcissism and Russia’s related self-absorbed messianic (“special truth”) civilizational narcissism, the Russian state may and must be treated as an irrational medieval polity obsessed with its own paranoid want of control and power that has spread corruption and disinformation throughout EU/NATO and the world, frankly, and that has sought also to monopolize basic resources, energy and food foremost, and occupy strategic military regions (like the Black Sea and the North Pole) with and from which it may blackmail and intimidate the world.

Of course, that’s the way the world works, isn’t it?

Or is it not?

Whether it is or not, it is today the west that has the freedom and humanism as well as the obligation, and responsibility to defend Earth herself–and humanity itself and its evolution, no less–and do so by bringing Russia’s barbaric feudal-medieval totalitarianism–sustained by a criminal and most rapacious and self-indulgent KGB/FSB and its leader–to its natural close.

If the west refuses the work, then we may expect to see Russia expand its chaos-and-control program and its related sphere of human disposal, enslavement, rubble, and suffocation without limit.

Aleppo, Syria, Russia’s Way, posted to YouTube by Euronews, September 28, 2016.

Mariupol, Ukraine, Russia’s Way, posted to YouTube by NewsNation, using drone footage by Reuters, April 23, 2022.

Addendum, November 9, 2022

Mikhail Arutyunov only stayed in politics for a few more years after 1991. He strongly opposed the first Chechen War, and became utterly disillusioned with the new Russia he had helped to build. He watched, helpless, as oligarchs and corrupt officials replaced Communist Party members as the country’s new elite.

“What we have ended up with is what we were fighting against at the time,” he says. “The population is separating into the extremely poor and the extremely rich. Unfortunately our people have always been very passive except at critical moments.”

He predicts that Russia’s days of revolution are not yet over, “I think that what is happening now will eventually lead to another wave of anger.”

Sandford, Daniel. “Moscow coup 1991: With Boris Yeltsin on the tank.” BBC, August 20, 2011.

Addendum, January 19, 2023

Meet Putin’s mafia.

This is a translation of excerpts from a blog Putinism As Is by a Radio Svoboda analyst and blogger Artem Kruglov. In the light of Helsinki Summit 2018 and Trump/Putin relationship, it is important to know these facts of Putin’s background.

Zabrisky, Zarina. “Putinism: Introduction: Russian Mafia Directory by Artem Kruglov.” Medium, July 17, 2018.