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Background On The Post-Cold War Russian Narrative

#PostColdWarHistory, #RussianMafiaState

“Detecting Post-Soviet Russia’s Black Narrative of Revenge for ’89 and ’91.” BackChannels, July 19, 2022.

This post offers in my compressed and distilled style the keys to Russia’s redevelopment as a “mafia state” through the three decades between 1992 and 2022.

“Educate, entertain, and delight” said Aristotle of the purposes of rhetoric, and while I have strove to do that, there is with, well, everything all at once, a lot to unpack–but it’s still good to have the dots and keys arranged, connected, in good order, ready, and available.

On Donald John Trump AKA #DJT on My Twitter Feed


“Trump, Corruption, Narcotics, Russia – A Glance.” BackChannels, October 10, 2022.

I have spent more time posting the above links–or similar in essence–than I have with reading and writing–and that only to be buried beneath the pile no matter what. At the same time, I believe it important to analyze and frame issues accurately, concisely, honestly, and with precision for an American public that has been assaulted by partisan spin and Russian “Active Measures”, efforts intended to destroy our cultural, political, and social coherence as an extraordinary secular democratic republic with a Christian majority and the world’s broadest imaginable and inclusive multicultural assembly in one nation.

Perhaps #ModernAmericans are struggling to become Americans without qualifying adjectives and an increasingly archaic and multi-hyphenated host of identity-related reservations.

Russia, The Jews, and the Palestinians

“Endemic Russian Anti-Semitism – A Note.” BackChannels, February 1, 2021.

“Middle East Conflict: Back to Max Erwin von Scheubner-Richter and Forward to the Plundering of Palestinian Misery by Palestinian Leadership Elites.” BackChannels, December 29, 2017.

“Palestinian KGB & The Palestinians – Abused and Plundered by Their Own.” BackChannels, July 26, 2021.


To boost notice, of course, I’ve tried to adopt or invent hash tags that signal attitude, statement, and theme at once.

Broadest Frame: #MedievalVModern.

Best discriminator: #ModernAmericans, of course.

Most at risk today: #AmericanCharacterAndIntegrity.

and so it goes.

We may have our own #MafiaState given our indulgences in pleasures / sins that have perhaps too often the hands of the criminal and ruthless in them. We certainly have in our politics the kind of #MaligNarcs and #PolitCrims who preach the virtues while profiting nicely from less virtuous spending.