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On the front page of The Washington Post

Boris Epshteyn is also dealing with the legal ramifications of his conduct outside of work. He is on probation, according to court records, after pleading guilty late last year to disorderly conduct and fighting during a late-night bar incident in Scottsdale, Ariz. — the second such arrest in Arizona in seven years.

Epshteyn declined to answer questions on the record about those arrests, or any other topic, for this article.

https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2022/11/05/boris-epshteyn-trump-legal-troubles/ – “Boris Epshteyn’s loyalty to Trump pays off as investigations deepen”: Pugilistic adviser has clashed with other lawyers for Donald Trump on whether to be confrontational or conciliatory. By Josh Dawsey, Jacqueline Alemany, and Isaac Stanley-Becker

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Nice fella.

On the top of The New York Times

“Family Ties. Political Divisions.”

For Carolyn Broe and her family, the 2022 midterms have unfolded the way they have for countless others: with great bitterness and turbulence.


Edith, I was raised on the Torah, my wife, and the Qur’an. My oldest son is an atheist, my youngest is a Scientologist, my daughter is studying Hinduism–I imagine there is room there for a Holy War in my living room, but we practice live and let live. Why don’t you sit down?

The Man From Earth. Film, 2007; original: The Man Who Fell From Earth, 1976.

On top at Politico

“Trump and DeSantis barrel toward 2024 — but keep their distance in Florida”: Multiple people familiar with the planning around Trump’s rally, which will feature Sen. Marco Rubio and is part of a four-city tour, said DeSantis wasn’t invited and didn’t ask to attend.–By Matt Dixon and Meridith McGraw.

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And at the Front of America’s Revolutionary Existence–

I’m going to post this because the headlines of each noted “rag”–Inside the Beltway; The Gray Lady; and, I guess, Revolutionary–have probably already changed.

For any interested in preserving America’s Democracy as brought to birth with bright and fresh cause, I’d recommend reading Thomas Paine’s pamphlet “Common Sense” before all else.