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This list is neither comprehensive nor fully representative of related content on this blog, but each post also conveys three computer-generated suggestions for related reading, not that anyone suffers for lack of reportage obsessed with Donald John Trump. Still, as I’ve repeatedly relayed some of these via Facebook and Twitter (welcome back, Don, you should see yourself in the mirror that is the World Wide Web), I thought to put a dozen blogs from January 6 to this November on one page as a potential and helpful (I hope) contribution to what lies ahead.

Failing President Donald John Trump’s Medieval Mob Invades Capitol, January 6, 2021

Short Comment on Trump’s Mob and the Abuse of Language, February 11, 2021

Marie Yovanovitch – The Kind of Person President Trump Fires From His Administration, November 17, 2021

FTAC on Trump, the Show Business President, and the Assault on the Capitol Building, January 9, 2021

Trump and the Question of Insurrection, January 9, 2021

FNS: Trump’s Riven Republican Party; Donbass–Bear Squats with Radar, February 2021

FTAC Verbatim: After Trump, A ‘Radical Middle’, Modern and Moderate, Against the Ends, March 3, 2021

A Comment on ‘Trump Facebook Ban Upheld’, March 6, 2021

Trump’s America in Retrospect: Russian Real Estate Entanglements, October 9, 2021

Trump Lawyer Christopher M. Kise, Registered Foreign Agent, September 19, 2022

Trump, Corruption, Narcotics, Russia-A Glance, October 10, 2022

Trump Hires the Best People (and Two Other Comments Over Coffee), November 5, 2022