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Integrity is derived from the Latin word “integer,” meaning whole. A person of integrity is complete, undivided. Sincerity, decency, trustworthy are synonyms of integrity. It’s on our shield because it is the quality that makes possible all the good that we do. Because everything we do requires that we be believed, whether that’s promising a source that we will protect her, telling a jury what we saw or heard, or telling a congressional oversight committee or the American people what we are doing with our power and our authorities. We must be believed.

Without integrity, all is lost.

Comey, James B. “Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity: The Essence of the FBI.” Speech. Installation of Director James B. Comey, FBI Headquarters, October 28, 2013.

Confidence in modern governance and its ability to sustain its political coherence, cohesion, and power, within and without, may be rooted in the credibility, integrity, and trustworthiness of the same.

For cause, I believe the Federal government of the United States of America better than supposed by a constituency often less educated, sophisticated, and specialized–or broadly elevated–for understanding its departments, duties, missions, and relationships. Few Americans have privilege and time, much less specific ambition and curiosity, for personally exploring the administrative machinery of the nation in the advancement and defense of the same.

NordStream II

What if Seymour Hersh’s report and analyses prove true?

The truth won’t change the barbaric, criminal, and untrustworthy character of Putin’s regime.

The truth won’t weaken the strength of America’s defenses nor the argument for inclusive, liberal, open democracies and related rule of law as the much better alternative to the ways of capricious tyrants and totalitarian systems.

The truth may force Germany and the German People to revisit the sordid and twisted political discourse of the 1930s and 1940s just to check the conclusions–and then measure the strides made by modern Germany against the feudal and primitive forces and ideas of a deeply defeated generation followed by an as astonishingly renewed and powerful German state.

The truth may be a fait accomplis, and here we are.


“Kill the Jews, Save Russia!” might have a history dating back to the Byzantine Era in which the tribes of Europe acknowledged and adapted to four comparatively new religions: Greek Orthodox Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Roman Catholic Christianity. The Varangian descendants of the Vikings and later Rus were to displace the Turkic tribes that had at least nominally adopted Judaism and made their protectorate in eastern and southern Ukraine known as the “Khazar Kingdom of the Jews”. In more recent centuries, the Jewish People may thank Russia for the revival of the “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”; for having created the White Russian (loyalist to the czar) Max Erwin von Scheubner-Richter who informed Hitler about the Jews before catching the bullet meant for him at the Munich Beer Hall Putsch; for supporting the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) among others to effectively block the spread of western liberalism in the middle east, create and keep the Palestinians corrupted, enslaved, and plundered; for supporting Radical Islam, including Hamas in Gaza but also the Taliban and others as it has suited assorted dictatorships, mafia, and murderous zealots; and now, most cogent and near, for incubating the latest in anti-Semitic white supremacist organizations, Russian Imperial Movement and Wagner Group.

Timing is Everything

Whatever the truth may be, it’s too late with Russia in Ukraine–and positioned elsewhere for assault or heightened threat–for either the invention of or leveraging of a supposed casus belli. It has already in its surreal and psychopathic fashion picked its fight with NATO. However, Tsar #PutinFullTonto may be as ill in body as he appears to be sick in the head, and how far his madness takes his whole circle remains unknown.

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