Why focus always returns to Israel or the Jews eludes me when, in fact, the primary conflict driver has been Arab and other (well, Russian) anti-Semitic habit welded to lies and willful political misguidance to keep democracy and humanism away from the dictatorships, including those systems headed by Palestinian “leaders”, disinterested in either.


(Bergman, Ronen. “The KGB’s Middle East Files: Palestinians in the service of Mother Russia.” YNet News, April 11, 2016).

The Palestinians have been long weaponized – politically perverted in mind, heart, soul — by those who have most pretended to represent them (while in fact ensuring their continued plunder).

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The above, more or less, had been posted to an appropriately concerned FB thread chat, but Ronen Bergman’s report on the KGB’s sally into Israel had been organized in three parts (starting in October 2016) with this page serving as the base: Bergman, Ronen. “The KGB’s MIddle East Files.” Ynet News, 2016.

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I confess only to having made note of the KGB-Palestinian relationship a time or two and to asking the apparently novel question: why has the world not focused on the Palestinian’s feudal internal politics and the community’s historic emotional dependence on Moscow?

What earlier Arab intransigence, anti-Semitism, and KGB ends have done to the Arab refugees of 1948 (at that time, left stranded between armies) has perhaps today an unspeakable quality as vast sums intended for the community’s development have been diverted to war (“Resistance!” they call it) for more than 73 years — and the Palestinian main base has gotten nothing out of that deal but absolute rule (no elections!), corruption and exploitation, Gaza (for Hamas!), neglect, political repression, and, as a sop in the press, the globally distributed artificial image of an heroic narcissism for ultimately gazing upon themselves.

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I feel a little need (not much at all) to fill out my gripe, but the reader knows the online keys: “Fatah, corruption”; “Hamas, corruption”; “Palestinian child soldiers”; etc. Have curiosity, and you may travel online to your heart’s content. Nonetheless, I’ve listed a few ready references with which to click through to both greater knowledge and reflection.

The story this time is not Israel. It’s the corrupt no-good Palestinian leadership. It’s Hamas and the PA that keep stacking the chips higher, imaging that this time the bet will prove itself.

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Ali was incredulous. “You call them a government?” he asked. “I call them mafia.”

For the 22-year-old Palestinian resident of the southern occupied West Bank city of Hebron, the Palestinian Authority (PA), headed by President Mahmoud Abbas, is a corrupt institution that benefits only an elite few.

Giovannetti, Megan. “Palestinians furious and fed up with corruption of Abbas’s ‘mafia’ PA.” Middle East Eye, February 15, 2019.