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#GOP Incitement with all of its feudal-medieval invective and inversion.

Authoritarian psychology and its related #CorruptionGreedKompromatIgnorance could not be better displayed than by American politicians Donald John Trump and Lauren Boebert, two souls lost in the realm of messianic delusions of grandeur, with the former having achieved some gold bespattered grandeur in wealth and the latter so on the warpath for Jesus she would overthrow the Constitution of the United States of America (PDF) as the apex of her achievement of power. Both #MaligNarcs (and possibly #PolitCrims as well) share the signal of just how much more monstrous each would become if enabled, i.e., the Paranoid Delusional Narcissistic Reflection of Motivation.

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As America’s Grand Old Party Now of Greed appears to be following Moscow’s playbook, I may remind all of what Moscow has come to mean to the Democratic Open Societies–the Free Worlds–of our Earth–>

It looks like I left out #Criminality #HybridWarfare, #HypersonicMissiles, #Hypocrisy, and #TacticalNukes. Well . . . next chance.

Posted to YouTube March 20, 2023.