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The Muslim Brotherhood if it takes control of Jordan will be much stronger than the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt.

▶ ‫כנס שתי מדינות לשני עמים משני עברי הירדן (חלק 11)‬‎ – YouTube

Mudar Zahran promoted the above via social networks about 50 minutes ago: whom he addressed, where, and when was not provided.

Addendum: Mudar Zahran speaking at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center, “Two States for Two Peoples on Two Banks of the Jordan River,” Dr. Arieh Eldad, Chair, Jerusalem, August 25, 2013.

Palestinian State in Jordan ‘Inevitable’ – Middle East – News – Israel National News – 8/26/2013.


In reference, I’ve provided links to Zahrans writings and related material as well as items focusing on Jordanian stability.

In addition, Zahran has noted the landing of a shell in Ramtha, Jordan within the past three hours.  Such mortar shell “spillover” (who knows with what intent it traveled?) has been a regular occurrence in Ramtha this past year.

Displaced Syrians in Jordan: ‘Syria Smells of Death’ – Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East – 7/17/2012

Stray shells from Syria causing ‘sleepless nights’ for Ramtha residents | The Jordan Times – 4/30/2013.

Ramtha residents ‘on edge’ as Syria war rages | The Jordan Times – 8/26/2013.

Gov’t protests Syrian shell inside Jordan | The Jordan Times – 9/29/2013.

Additional Reference

By Mudar Zahran

Jordan Is Palestinian :: Middle East Quarterly – by Mudar Zahran – Winter 2012.

The Jewish Press » » Mudar Zahran – 8/29/2013.

The Jewish Press » » Mudar Zahran on why Jordan is Already a Palestinian State – 9/2/2013.

Writings by Mudar Zahran :: Gatestone Institute

Having to do with Jordan’s Stability

The Modern King in the Arab Spring – Jeffrey Goldberg – The Atlantic – 3/18/2013:

The king was flying himself to Karak, which is one of the poorer cities in a distressingly poor country, to have lunch with the leaders of Jordan’s largest tribes, which form the spine of Jordan’s military and political elite. More than half of all Jordanians are of Palestinian origin, with roots on the West Bank of the Jordan River, but the tribal leaders are from the East Bank, and the Hashemite kings have depended on East Bankers to defend the throne since the Hashemites first came to what was then called Transjordan from Mecca almost 100 years ago.

Jordan’s king, Assad and Iran | JPost | Israel News – 4/3/2013.

In A Rough Neighborhood, Jordan Clings To Its Stability : Parallels : NPR – 7/1/2013:

Jordan shares the region’s troubles: a faltering economy; rampant unemployment, especially among the young; and a popular demand for a say in how the country is governed.

“Jordan is stable, but you feel what is so unstable,” says Labib Kamhawi, describing the contradictions. He is the head of the National Front for Reform, a coalition of political groups and civil society organizations. “The decision-making process is without any input from the people.”

US military to boost Jordan defences amid Syria unrest – MIDDLE EAST – FRANCE 24 6/4/2013.

Jordan’s Stability Threatened by Syrian Refugee Crisis – US News and World Report – 7/16/2013:

Almost 2 million people have fled Syria since the civil war began in early 2011, according to U.N. numbers. By some estimates 800,000 of these poured into neighboring Jordan, a traditional safe haven for refugees from previously war-stricken regions such as Iraq and Palestine. This influx is taking a heavy toll on the Arab nation which by the end of the year may host as many as a million refugees.

Jordanian jihadists in Syria ‘could challenge Jordan’s stability’ | The Jordan Times – 9/10/2013:

Hassan Abu Hanieh, political analyst and expert on Islamic groups, said earlier this week that Jordanians are considered among the most prominent foreign nationalities fighting alongside Islamist forces in the anti-Assad rebellion, as hundreds have allegedly joined the radical and ultraconservative Salafist jihadist groups of Jabhat Al Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, both Al Qaeda-affiliated, he said.


Rural poverty in Jordan – Rural Poverty Portal, n.d.



Should Jordan Be a Palestinian State? :: Gatestone Institute – 3/19/2012.

Jordan is Palestine: Arieh Eldad’s Two-State Solution | FrontPage Magazine – 9/30/2011.


Other YouTube Clips Featuring Mudar Zahran

Interview by Michael Cohen – “Mudar Zahran – Peace Process Predictions – Posted to YouTube by ClipsNBlips, August 26, 2013.

“Mudar Zahran on Michael Coren” – Posted by JordanIsPalestine – April 27, 2012.

Conference Chair Aryeh Eldad

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