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It is more likely that the NSA has placed everyone under surveillance in order to avoid singling out the Muslim community, so as to avoid appearing “Islamophobic.”

Hamas-linked CAIR staff attorney: Spying and surveillance “disproportionately affecting the Muslim community” : Jihad Watch – 1/27/2014.

In the above cited article, Robert Spencer catalogs criminals, crimes, and attempted crimes, all connected to Islamic Jihad, and he goes on to document incendiary speech by Muslim notables.

Related and highly recommended: The Threat from Within: What Is the Scope of Homegrown Terrorism? – 7/1/2012.  Posted by the ABA Journal, the abstract at the top read, “Gordon Lederman, chief counsel for national security and investigations of the U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, and Kate Martin, director of the nonprofit Center for National Security Studies, ponder how we should weigh security against liberty.

Wikipedia’s brief and nonpartisan historic overview of terrorism in the United States: Terrorism in the United States – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

We’ve a long way to go as regards the self-destructive “specialness” in play within at least a part of Islam’s advocacy community in the U.S., not to mention elsewhere militant Islamist organizations — the al-Qaeda affiliates — active in the fields of the Islamic Small Wars from Afghanistan to Somalia, but in the American way, principles developed to address such conflict have to be conceived for universal applicability.

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As an aside, sometimes in unrelated conversation, the matter of having to deal with an aggressive, evil, and large force in life, say, for example, a bullying father or an abusive husband or a sadistic employer, and so on, comes up, and what I suggest goes like this: to the Jew, the Nazi is a problem; however, the character of the Nazi is not the Jew’s problem — it’s the Nazi’s problem.

For Nazi, substitute “asshole”, “bully”, “dictator”, and so on.

What the overbearing asshole (bully, dictator, malignant narcissist) flying under the Jolly Rodger of his kind has for a problem is himself as reinforced and made inescapable by his own bombast accompanied or followed by criminal or malicious and irretrievable, and irreversible action.  Such personalities talk themselves, their admirers, and their cronies into an evil corner, and there they live with their bigotry, contempt, and crimes, including war crimes for those who come to own and drive their own states, until other forces, sadly including natural death, come to dispossess them.

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