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… when a celebrity is being devoured by the two-headed piranha of gossip and innuendo, I usually have minimal understanding of what they did, or were alleged to have done. Woody Allen is an exception.

The Woody Allen Allegations: Not So Fast – The Daily Beast – 1/27/2014

I usually reserve this blog for really bad news, say that generated by terrorist revolutionaries throwing bakers into their own roaring ovens in Syria or, more recently, allegations of Burmese Rakhine (Buddhists) hanging Burmese Rohingya (Muslim) children as part of a real and ongoing “ethnic cleansing”; be that as it may, the theme connecting what drives conflict in the Islamic Small Wars and similar strife with Woody Allen’s domestic and celebrity travail involves integrity in speech: i.e., telling the truth.

In the above cited piece, Robert B. Weide combs through the allegations — the “two-headed piranha of gossip and innuendo” — that have clouded Woody Allen’s reputation for two decades, and I thought it a tour de force in methodical investigation and review, the kind of truth-telling, unvarnished, valid, and reliable, that makes the world a better place in which to live, a place in which some things may be known and some things — speech intended to manipulate and misdirect — dismissed.


The lie that tore my family apart – Salon.com – 9/20/2010.

The regions of belief beyond the empirical find their closed doors and with them their imaginations.  We humans needs must live with what we cannot objectively know as well as with our vulnerabilities to suggestion and the guaranteed “accident” that on numerous occasions, we will guess and make the wrong call.

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