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The compressed link leads to this apparently unedited or particularly grim header:

“Human Appeal: Bodies and body parts in Yarmouk camp are alive under the rubble” (Action Group for Palestinians of Syria, April 22, 2018).

BackChannels requested additional information, and this came in:


Most important info missing, the Yarmouk camp is under ISIS. The offensive to liberate the Palestinian Yarmouk camp is led by Palestinian militias, most notably Liwa al-Quds.


Liwa al-Quds is an Assad-aligned Sunni Palestinian fighting organization.

In the Soviet / post-Soviet medieval time bubble, the spectacle attending the bombing of a Palestinian hospital in the Palestinian enclave of Yarmouk in Syria appears that of a Palestinian Sunni force pitted against independent Sunni extremist forces to which, for enmity as viewed by Liwa al-Quds, the western-leaning Free Syrian Army appears appears to have been attached, although western alignment would seem also pitched against ISIS and other Sunni (and Shiite) extremists.

Among Liwa al-Quds allies, the Phantoms of the Soviet Era align: Ba’ath Brigades, Hezbollah, (Syrian) National Defence Forces, Russia, Syrian Armed Forces, Syrian Armed Forces, each defending “political absolutism”, the survival of dictatorship itself — and of dictatorships, BackChannels has long remarked, “Different talks — same walk!”

The walk seems to be that of a march toward the accumulating of wealth and power without end, without limit, and without purpose other than the experience of it (in the political psychology, the malign narcissistic process may begin with “narcissistic mortification” and end with “narcissistic supply”).

How bad can that malign narcissistic itch become: read about one man’s demons in relation to the “Moscow Apartment Bombings”.

Among Liwa al-Quds opponents: minus the Free Syrian Army, defenders of the very same thing!

Missing from the picture: family, financial, and personal relationships.  The interlocking details involving persons and personal interests would be another and more granular level down in public reporting, and such investigative work might be unwelcome where it would be gathered.

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