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Aleksandr Kogan / Aleksandr Spectre has a chat with the British government.

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Complicated world and this is a small proof-of-principle involving an ABC News feed to Facebook (public) with an address that has evidently come through on this WordPress blog.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal involves Facebook Civilization’s (54 billion souls?) handover, somewhat unwitting, private information useful for those who make money manipulating public perception.

Also cogent to awareness of the the just-make-it-up news:


AN INTERVIEW WITH an 11-year-old Syrian boy broadcast last week on Russia’s main state-owned news channel, Russia-24, appears to have been filmed not in the boy’s hometown, where a suspected chemical attack took place, but at a Syrian army facility where Russian military advisers were present.

The report, claiming to prove that video of the attack’s aftermath was fake, is considered so important by Russian officials that Vassily Nebenzia, Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations, plans to screen it for the Security Council.

So Moscow wags the dog.

War may be a business — there’s a theme for BackChannels — but ask any victim of war if war is show business.

This may be a temporary post.  I didn’t say much.  Still . . . multiple sources, one live, one reportage, one an old film.  Cool.