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New Threats – New Powers and Criminal States




The Illusion of Nationalism

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BackChannels has been fighting the New Nationalism from the moment it detected its origins in the stimulus produced by Islamic Terrorism as manipulated by Moscow and Tehran worldwide.

The blog has also associated America’s deep and frequently extreme political polarization with “Active Measures” and related “hybrid” and “information” warfare designed by the dictatorships running Moscow and Tehran against the will of their people.  It seems surreal that a French President would now stand before the American Congress and underscore those points while a populist American President stands some to the side and between as regards accommodating, so far, aggression in Ukraine and an  unspeakable horror show for humanity in Syria, which has been strengthened also for Iranian and Russian forces as well as their proxies and “little white men” (same as those “little green” ones who literally walked into Crimea).

Best Solution – Digital Data and Artificial Intelligence


Screenshot: Sophia AI on the cover of an Indian edition of Cosmopolitan.

BackChannels heartily endorses fair and free trade, global cooperation that is constructive for all — no zero-sum games or negotiations — and, of course, due attention to the psychological and social ramifications of exchange involving Big Data and. God bless Sophia and her engineers, the revolutions to come in artificial intelligence.

There Is No Planet B

Fake News





I was drawn away from the desktop during this morning’s speech, but am very glad here to have returned to a recording of it (thank you Fox 10 Phoenix for fair use and fine editing) and spent the afternoon with it.

I think it safe to say that America LOVES French President Macron.  At the end of this clip, I seen no one sitting in protest.  I don’t know if that’s a rare occasion (another remark made about this event and one best left unremarked), but I’m going to be feeling it — feeling its goodness — for a while).