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First things first: wake up!

Let the Palestinians — the refugees of 1948 — know their real history.


For Gaza as an interim measure brought out any which way: Egyptian and Israeli suzerainty until the Hamas civil thug and terrorist culture is no more a burden to the Palestinian population.

For the West Bank, treatment as an in-holding similar to Quebec in Canada with security measures corresponding (as they have for many years) corresponding to threat.

Moscow-Tehran (Red-Green / Old Comrades and Neo-Islamists): that is to be taken care of now, or the “phantoms of the Soviet” will indeed haunt another generation of Israelis and Palestinians.

We know Mr. Khamenei’s cards; Mr. Putin may only hold his close — and sustain his power in potential threat — for so long. He needs to move Russia forward of Imperial and KGB Russian history. I have no idea whether he’s up to doing that or not.

There’s a little craziness in believing — or accepting — that either the PLO or Hamas have been helping the Palestinians as a People (after 70 years of Arab Apartheid in the camps of Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, and Syria plus the same as a suspended culture in their space and much bedeviled by official corruption and feudal patronage systems, they’re a cohort, but as a people perhaps a little different than presented).  For those in the world a little tired of the post-WWII Stalinist project (Hitler’s loss back then: Stalin’s gain), the Palestinians may be thought of as deserving of honest, responsible, and responsive government.